4 Days In Lisbon, Portugal

Sorry it has been a while since I’ve updated you all! It’s getting a bit hard to keep up as we are on the go so much at the moment, there isn’t a lot of down time! Our time in Lisbon was pretty full on and we definitely made the most of our four days. Continue reading “4 Days In Lisbon, Portugal”


Edinburgh – Part 2

Hope you all enjoyed my last post about Edinburgh and our day in the Highlands. I had to much to write about and photos to share so thought I would do a few entries. On Thursday my sickness was finally starting to disappear (after two solid weeks – thank god) so we slept in and then headed to the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens. Continue reading “Edinburgh – Part 2”

Edinburgh – Part 1

Well, I can see why Edinburgh is consistently voted as one of the best cities in the world to live in. I absolutely loved our time there and it was the perfect place to start off our five week trip.

We headed off from Kings Cross station on May 14th and passed through York and Newcastle before we reached Edinburgh. I gazed out the window the whole time (minus a 40 minute nap) and in some spots, it honestly felt like we were passing through New Zealand. Continue reading “Edinburgh – Part 1”

Escape To The Highlands

Firstly, I do plan on doing a post about our whole time in Edinburgh after we leave. We’ve had a couple of days here, and we’ve already done so much that I’m thinking I might have to split it into two posts. Either way, I thought I’d dedicate a post to our day in the Highlands as I have so many photos that I want to share.

As soon as we arrived in Edinburgh, about three people asked us whether we were heading to the Scottish Highlands during our week here. We hadn’t really planned to (granted we hadn’t really ‘planned’ anything) but seeing as it sounded like something we should do, we booked in a one day tour straight away. Continue reading “Escape To The Highlands”

A Week In London: The Tourist/Expat Version

Well, our first week in London is done and dusted!

If anyone is interested in a jet-lag update, I think I am pretty much settled into London time now. So although the jet-lag didn’t hit me too badly, the sickness did. I have had a cold on and off the whole week and it knocked me out for a few days overall. Thanks London.

Most of last Friday though we were out and about exploring a few touristy spots and we managed to tick off Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Bridge and Tower of London. We did go to Buckingham Palace, but turns out we arrived just when the changing of the guards was about to start, so there were a million people around. It’s definitely somewhere I’d like to go back to though – when it’s not as busy. Continue reading “A Week In London: The Tourist/Expat Version”