Lately, In London

Hello readers!

London life has been a mixed bag of markets, museums and meetings over the past month or so. We have been back from our trip for about four weeks now and I’m starting to feel pretty settled into our new home. The past four weeks have flown by, and I was scrolling through my camera roll the other day and realised we have actually achieved and seen a lot in those 28 or so days. I’m sitting here with my coffee on a rainy London morning and thought I would jot it all down for you. So grab one yourself (or maybe a wine considering the time difference?) and enjoy…

When we returned from our Top Deck trip, we only had a few days until we moved into our new flat. I can’t even tell you how much I was looking forward to not living out of a suitcase. So on one incredibly wet mid-week evening, we jumped on a bus with as much luggage as we could carry and arrived in our new flat, soaking wet and dripping at the door, looking like drowned rats in jandals. Really great first impression. We unpacked our things and were brought dessert by our lovely new housemates and neighbours – so I knew this living arrangement was going to work out pretty well. That night, my obsession with Love Island started and I have never looked back. Can you really live in London as a millennial and not watch Love Island…?

We were pretty lucky to be able to catch up with some amazing friends from our Top Deck tour during the next week as they made their way back to Australia via London. We checked out the Natural History Museum (which was absolutely huge – we didn’t even see half of it in three hours), popped into Harrods and wandered around Regent Street, Bond Street and Carnaby Street. We also spent a ridiculous amount of money on cocktails at The Alchemist – where no cocktail is complete without dry ice, a bunsen burner or a syringe sticking out of the martini glass. It was 100% worth it though and if anyone visits us in London, it’s somewhere we would most definitely be visiting! Never have I been to a place where I have actually enjoyed waiting a while at the bar for someone to take my drinks order. Watching them concoct various drinks out of chemistry beakers and tiny saucepans is half of what you pay for.

The next day we met up again and visited Notting Hill. Notting Hill is hands down my favourite movie of all time, so this was somewhere I was so looking forward to. Notting Hill and Portobello Markets did not disappoint and I could have happily spent all day, coffee in one hand, some form of delicious street food in the other, walking around the neighbourhood. It was one of those markets where every third second food stall was something I wanted to try. Hugh Grant didn’t pop around the corner and spill orange juice all over me though, but there’s always next time I guess.

We were struck with some pretty beautiful weather one week, so Jeremy and I headed out to Brighton one day. It turned out to be such a hot and sunny day, which was perfect for wandering down onto the pier, playing games in the arcade and walking through the shopping lanes. Brighton was a really cool area and I can see why it’s so popular and quite a trendy place for people to live.

Another London feature we have been making our way through are the parks. We have biked around Battersea Park (about 10 minutes walk from our place) complete with a picnic on a lazy Sunday. Last week we made it out to Hyde Park as well. We are so lucky to have Battersea Park next to us, (complete with a lake and pedal boats) so I think we will be visiting that as much as we can during the summer months. Hyde Park was of course beautiful, and we managed to walk 5km without even seeing half of it, so another trip is due at some point.

This past week I joined our local gym, which was a huge shock to the system after 2 months of pasta, gelato and the only exercise being lifting my suitcase up and down from our Top Deck coach. Well, okay, Jeremy did a lot of the lifting but I did wheel it around. In all honesty though, getting back into regular exercise has been absolutely awesome, especially since I was getting a little very stir-crazy at times sitting in the house and it’s only a 2 minute walk from our place (so there really is no excuse). It was even bring-a-friend-for-free week when I joined, so obviously Jeremy was extremely excited about this. He came with me a couple of times (and I give him props because I know he didn’t really want to) but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be getting a permanent gym buddy at this stage. I’m working on it though.

This past week we headed out to see one of our favourite comedians, Jack Whitehall at the Hammersmith Apollo and had some friends over to our place for tacos, cheese platters and drinks. Don’t get me wrong, we have been meeting with recruiters and applying for jobs as well, but definitely enjoying all that London has to offer in between times. We have some things lined up for the next couple of months too, including a day at the races and an outdoor film screening. Plus, Jeremy informed me the other day that we are going away for the weekend for my birthday in a few weeks – and I have absolutely no idea where we are going. No doubt it will be amazing and I will be blogging about that as soon as we are home!

It’s safe to say that London has been pretty good to us over the past month and I think I am going to love living here over the next two years. Granted, we aren’t really into the ‘life’ stage properly just yet, considering we have been unemployed since April 28th and it’s now near the end of July. But, for now, I am loving every moment.




4 thoughts on “Lately, In London

  1. hi to you both. so glad you are enjoying the big capital. I hope you can find something reasonably local for work, the commute can be so long otherwise, what with the volumes of people and modes of transport. More fun times to come, so many sights to see, keep up the adventures for us all too enjoy second hand 🙂

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  2. Really enjoying the blogs and photos that you and Jeremy are posting. Almost as good as being there. Hope you can find some work soon. Good luck. ps. enjoy your birthday treat.

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