A Weekend In Wales

As some of you know, a few weeks ago we headed to Wales for a few days to have a weekend away with friends. We stayed in Haverfordwest, a little town in Pembrokeshire close to the coast and about two hours drive from Cardiff. Wales is fairly cheap to travel to from London via train, however a slight mishap meant that we missed our connecting train from Swansea to Haverfordwest. Note to self – don’t book trains when you only have a 9 minute window to spare between your connections. 

We made it to Haverfordwest pretty late on Friday night (not intentionally), but got up early in the morning to head to the pub and watch the final All Blacks test against the Lions. A bit anti-climatic as it turned out to be a draw, but 9am beers and ciders in a small Welsh pub filled with Lions supporters made for a great start to the weekend (as did the porridge and bagels we had afterwards at our next pub).

Over the weekend we explored quite a few beaches around the area, including Broad Haven, Nolton Haven and Tenby. We spent quite a bit of time in Tenby and wandered along the coast and up into the town, complete with fish n chips on the beach for lunch. There was a fudge shop on every corner, so of course we had to stop and sample. Tenby had pastel houses on the cliffside that reminded me a lot of Notting Hill, just a little more of a coastal vibe. We ended up being in town when a triathlon was on, so the streets were packed with people and it made for a really buzzing atmosphere.

Another highlight was sitting outside on the cliff at the Druidstone Hotel, rugged up in the cold and having comfort food while watching the sunset. We ended up being roped into their quiz night – a solid effort from us putting us dead last (by a pretty convincing margin).

We have plans to go back to Wales in November to see the All Blacks play in Cardiff, so we will get to explore a little more of the country. It was a pretty relaxing weekend (hence the short post) just catching up with friends, but hope you enjoy some of the photos of the stunning coast.



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