Birthday, feat. Belgium, Beers, Basil, Blooms & Bikkies

If that title doesn’t grab you, I don’t know what will.

I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate my birthday over the past two weekends. Last weekend Jeremy surprised me with a trip to Brussels, Belgium (a weekend centred around food – right up my alley).

We set off on a four-hour chocolate tour (including a workshop) of Brussels after checking into our hotel. It was a pretty grey and drizzly day, but it was actually really fun running along the cobblestone streets and ducking in and out of cozy little chocolate boutiques. The chocolate was unbelievable and we tried truffles infused with basil, earl grey tea, nutella, rose champagne and violet – just to name a few! I’d say by the end of the day we had eaten about 20 chocolates each. Plus, in the middle of the tour we sat down to try our hand at making them ourselves. Brussels had (without a doubt) the best chocolate I have ever tried (watch out for lots of ‘best evers’ in this post). We stopped for a drink in a tiny pub and tried chocolate beer (of course) before heading back to our hotel to chill before dinner.

Our Saturday in Brussels was complete with a delicious sausage and mash (his) and pork shank and baked potato (hers) dinner in an extremely packed and bustling, yet cosy restaurant near our hotel. That night we both had the best sleep ever (well, the best sleep we had had in a long time) – probably on account of the insane amount of food we had consumed throughout the day.

Sunday was spent wandering around the city and picking up a few bits to take home (more chocolate) and a couple of bottles of the best ever cherry beer we had tried at dinner the previous night. We also had the best ever frites (traditionally they’re served with mayo – so that’s what we tried) and the best ever waffles smothered in speculoos. Speculoos was delicious – a kind of spicy shortbread biscuit in a gooey spreadable form (we also had chocolate stuffed with speculoos). Drool.

The weekend was probably the most indulgent two days I have ever had. It was followed on Monday by more chocolate, gifts and flower and iced biscuit deliveries all the way from New Zealand from some special people. My first birthday abroad was most definitely a memorable one and my year of being 26 is shaping up to be pretty fab.



3 thoughts on “Birthday, feat. Belgium, Beers, Basil, Blooms & Bikkies

  1. Hi Megan and Jeremy, a belated birthday to you. Sounds really fab but the thought of all that quite rich Belgian choccy, sheer indulgence and had to be done. If you get a chance go look for a Thornton’s chocolate shop in the UK. Very similar choccies and lots of different flavours. The main factory was just up the road from where I lived and apparently the staff were allowed to eat anything they wanted whilst on shift!!
    Enjoying the blog thanks for sharing your experiences.

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