Foodiaries (2nd Ed.)

I was scrolling through my camera roll last week, wondering what I could blog about next and quickly realised that I hadn’t included any posts about food lately. What’s wrong with me?

I had been saving a few photos ever since my last food post (some of these photos date back to July 2017) so it’s well and truly time to pop some of these up and write a few quick reviews. Admittedly, I fell off the bandwagon toward the end of last year and totally forgot to keep taking photos, so a few of the best meals aren’t even pictured.

One new favourite cafe is Cafe Tamra – super convenient as it’s only a 10 minute walk from our flat. But I think half of South-West London agrees because it’s always packed and you’re lucky to get a table without a 15min wait outside. It’s well worth the wait if you can be bothered – we went during summer so it wasn’t too bad waiting outside for a table to free up. I’ve had a few meals there now – courgette fritters, Mediterranean vege wrap and baked eggs – all of them were delicious and there are a handful of other meals I’d love to go back and try. Plus, on the way home you can stop by the doughnut truck and grab a Ā£1 doughnut filled with vanilla custard. How can you go wrong?

Another cafe that’s super popular near us is Brew, which we’ve been to a couple of times now. I’m probably one of the only people in Clapham to say this, but overall, I’m not that impressed. My first meal (kale and halloumi salad with pomegranate seeds) was really good, but the second time we went I was pretty disappointed. I ordered some kind of poached eggs variation – which looked amazing – but my eggs were cold. Not the kind of cold where they had been sitting on the plate for a while, but cold as if they had been chucked in the fridge for an hour. Cold egg yolk is not great, let me tell you. It put me off quite a bit, especially coupled with the outrageously priced coffee. I might give it another shot, maybe, (probably not) but wouldn’t choose it over a few other places we have been to.

After the worst egg experience came the best one though – Scotch eggs from Borough Market. Jeremy and I halved these but we could have easily eaten a whole one each. Amazing. And cheap – bonus.

I’ve become quite the pro at meal prepping and buying just enough food to last us the week. Honestly, by the time we get to Friday, the fridge is completely empty (bar a few sauces and half a bottle of milk) and I’m ready to restock it for the week ahead. Getting our groceries delivered is a revelation – especially last weekend when it snowed all day and I could think of nothing worse than heading to the store to lug it all home in the sludge. Instead, someone else lugged it over to my house in the sludge.

Possibly the best food from the past year has been the amazing care package that my family sent over at Christmas time, which we have made a serious dent in already. I planned on rationing everything out over the months ahead, but…toffee pops – gone, Watties baked beans – gone, Whittakers dark chocolate – gone, Tim Tams – gone, Kiwi onion dip (multiple bowls) – gone, peanut slabs – gone. That might seem like a lot, but to be honest, that’s not even half of the loot. I can’t wait to get into the Whittakers Jelly Tip. I’ve had to put it on the top shelf behind the cereal boxes so that I don’t rip into it straight away and eat the whole thing in one sitting. It’s a very high possibility. Such a lovely gift to get before we headed away for Christmas – and I have two jars of Marmite that are sure to last me through 2018.

Overall, London food has been fab. Amongst this bunch of pics are a few homemade meals too. I’ll get better at taking more photos from now on, so these posts can become regular (or at least a little more regular than they are now)!




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