Edinburgh – Part 2

Hope you all enjoyed my last post about Edinburgh and our day in the Highlands. I had to much to write about and photos to share so thought I would do a few entries. On Thursday my sickness was finally starting to disappear (after two solid weeks – thank god) so we slept in and then headed to the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens. Continue reading “Edinburgh – Part 2”


A Week In London: The Tourist/Expat Version

Well, our first week in London is done and dusted!

If anyone is interested in a jet-lag update, I think I am pretty much settled into London time now. So although the jet-lag didn’t hit me too badly, the sickness did. I have had a cold on and off the whole week and it knocked me out for a few days overall. Thanks London.

Most of last Friday though we were out and about exploring a few touristy spots and we managed to tick off Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Bridge and Tower of London. We did go to Buckingham Palace, but turns out we arrived just when the changing of the guards was about to start, so there were a million people around. It’s definitely somewhere I’d like to go back to though – when it’s not as busy. Continue reading “A Week In London: The Tourist/Expat Version”


Hello unemployment! This past week was my final week at work and now the countdown really begins to the big move.

It didn’t really seem that real until the past couple of days, when I’ve been packing away the last few things into storage containers and writing a list of what to take on the plane. I was wondering when it would hit me that we’re leaving – I thought maybe not until we reached the airport, but now that we aren’t working and the travel packs are out, it feels a lot more real than it did a week ago. Continue reading “Goodbye”