3 Days In Lagos, Portugal

I’m trying to get up to date on the blog with our trip so far – thus the more frequent posts! Hopefully I’m not bombarding you all. I’m not sure what our wifi will be like for the remainder of the trip, so I’ll post as much as I can before we head to Italy. Be warned you might not hear a lot from us from the end of this week until we get back to London on June 23rd!

So, on 25th of May after four days in Lisbon, we all jumped on an early morning (6.20am zzzzzz) bus and headed to Lagos.

Lagos is quite a small town (only the fifth largest) along the Algarve Coast and is most famous for its picture-perfect beaches, caves and grottoes (as well as its party-every-night atmosphere). We were all in need of some R&R after Lisbon, so were looking forward to some downtime chilling out at the beach.  Continue reading “3 Days In Lagos, Portugal”


Escape To Sintra

As promised, here’s an entire post devoted to our day in Sintra.

Sintra is about a 40 minute train ride from downtown Lisbon and comes highly recommended on most websites for things to do/see in Lisbon. Google it and see what I mean. Even though it’s a small town, it is home to numerous ancient palaces and parks and most websites try to steer you away from trying to fit in all the sights into just one day. Our tour guide from the previous day suggested two or even three days in Sintra would be ideal, but one was all we had. Continue reading “Escape To Sintra”