Snow Day

It has been far too long since I’ve made a blog post!

There will be one coming up soon on my weekend trips to Dublin and Copenhagen (I’m a bit behind I know).

Just for something quick (a few of you may have seen these photos already) I thought I would share the photos of the snow day we had a while back. Continue reading “Snow Day”


Foodiaries (2nd Ed.)

I was scrolling through my camera roll last week, wondering what I could blog about next and quickly realised that I hadn’t included any posts about food lately. What’s wrong with me?

I had been saving a few photos ever since my last food post (some of these photos date back to July 2017) so it’s well and truly time to pop some of these up and write a few quick reviews. Admittedly, I fell off the bandwagon toward the end of last year and totally forgot to keep taking photos, so a few of the best meals aren’t even pictured. Continue reading “Foodiaries (2nd Ed.)”

Festive London, 2017

Christmas feels like a distant memory, even though it was only a few weeks ago. The festive season was something I had been looking forward to ever since we arrived in London in May last year. Everyone knows I am a bit Christmas-obsessed, so as soon as it hit the 1st of December (it may or may not have been mid-November) I was out and about doing as many Christmassy activities as I could.  Continue reading “Festive London, 2017”

I’m Still Alive!

Not that I think you are all refreshing your inboxes waiting for a notification to come through about a new blog post, but I realise I have been neglecting the blog recently! I didn’t actually realise how long it had been, but a couple of weeks ago it was 6 months since we left NZ. That time has absolutely flown by and I was actually really shocked to realise it has been that long.  Continue reading “I’m Still Alive!”

London – Home Truths

I’ve been trying to think of a new topic to post about for a while (don’t worry, a Foodiaries post is in the works too), but we have really just been settling into London life and I figured it wasn’t the most exciting thing to write about, or read. But then I figured, before I moved over here I really enjoyed readying fellow expats’ blogs about their experiences moving overseas and I got a lot out of them. They made me feel a lot more prepared (we all know I’m a planner) and comfortable with what was to come. So, I thought I would share my experiences with settling into London life – including the absolute hell of opening a bank account and the black stuff you get in your nose after being in the tube all day.  Continue reading “London – Home Truths”

Lately, In London

Hello readers!

London life has been a mixed bag of markets, museums and meetings over the past month or so. We have been back from our trip for about four weeks now and I’m starting to feel pretty settled into our new home. The past four weeks have flown by, and I was scrolling through my camera roll the other day and realised we have actually achieved and seen a lot in those 28 or so days. I’m sitting here with my coffee on a rainy London morning and thought I would jot it all down for you. So grab one yourself (or maybe a wine considering the time difference?) and enjoy… Continue reading “Lately, In London”

Foodiaries (1st Ed.) – London v. Edinburgh

Welcome to my first (of many) food-related blog posts! Yes, I am one of those people who takes photos of their food. I love food, I love looking at photos of other peoples food and I love eating other peoples food. I’m not too sure what this series will evolve into, but I’m hoping to keep it going and document some of the food I try across Europe.  Continue reading “Foodiaries (1st Ed.) – London v. Edinburgh”